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San Antonio Belting & Pulley – serving San Antonio since 1928.
Our product San Antonio Conveyor Belting & Pulley – Industrial & Hydraulic Hose Shop is a brand of USA and is known for its supreme quality all over the country. We are not only the best manufacturers but also the best suppliers in the entire market. We stock a huge range of gates belts & gates hoses distributor or bearings in San Antonio ready for immediate shipment across USA. We are able to assemble gates belts and hose distributor to customer requirements, pressure test each assembly and supply test certificates as per our customers requirements.

Located in the bustling industrial side of downtown San Antonio, our central location helps to better serve our customers belting and pulley needs.


We stock and variety of different hoses which include industrial hose, hydraulic hose, ducting hose, metal hose, fire hose, hose reels, and all the fittings, clamps and adapters to go with them. Whether you’re looking for food-grade or oil field vacuum hose we have the inventory to create the specific hose assembly you need. Custom hose assemblies are our specialty and we can create a new one or do a hose repair for you while you wait.

Industrial Hoses

Industrial hose is also known as an industrial rubber hose. It’s one hose that’s used as a connector in all kinds of equipment for industries. Compared with hard hoses, industrial hoses have the excellent flexible and bending features. Industrial hose is used in the more complex, even worse operating environment than civilian hose. The equipment also has more demanding requirements to hose, so the industrial hoses has the strict specification and standard from the design, material choice, production, and transportation to the ultimate storage. Industrial hoses are available in wider range of size option, vast range of pressure and temperature and higher chemical resistance.

hydraulic hose

A hydraulic hose is a high-pressure, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic or Teflon reinforced hose that carries fluid to transmit force within hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic machinery began to be used in the early 1940s when engineers discovered that hydraulic systems were more compact, lighter in weight and self-lubricating. World War II spurred the development of hydraulic machinery for military applications. The development of flexible hydraulic hoses further opened the way for the development of a wide array of new, high-powered machines based on hydraulic technology.

Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic fittings and adapters are often assumed to be the same. Fittings install into other major components to allow plumbing of hoses and tubes that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. You install fittings into the work ports of pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves to facilitate the connection of tubes and hoses to these major components.

Fittings for hydraulic applications are often made from forged and machined steel, which are extremely strong and rigid. Occasionally, fittings are machined from steel billet, although this is rare. The fitting will include a thread corresponding to the component’s port, but on the other end will include a thread corresponding to the hose end thread form.

Adapters are components manufactured to join two or more thread forms or sizes to one another. In some cases, adaptors may also be fittings. For example, if the ORB female cylinder port I spoke of earlier needed to attach to a female JIC hose end, the adapter fitting would be ORB male by JIC male. I should note, ORB adapters are almost always fittings, since their very nature defines a “boss” as a female port in a component.


Ducting typically implies larger diameter, low-pressure applications usually involving air. Flexible hose suggests small to large diameter hose that can handle vacuum, as well as, slightly higher pressures than standard ducting. The flexible hose is ideal for handling air, fume, dust and lightweight material handling applications. We distribute a variety of flexible hose & ducting with a wide range of vacuum, pressure and temperature ratings.


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