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At its core meaning, the ducting hose is a tube-like piece of equipment, with an opening at each end that is designed to move anything from point A to point B. But this is a vague and over-simplistic concept that does not fully describe the functionality and features of the San Antonio Belting & Pulley hoses. The ducts we have are specifically designed to transport a range of products. This classification includes five types – air with distinct temperatures, dust and other abrasives, fumes, and larger non-abrasive materials. 

We have ducting products with different designs and made of different materials, and all of them have different capabilities. Hose products include PVC, polyester coated nylon, neoprene, thermoplastic rubber, silicone, titanium, stainless steel, and more. Each of them can have different qualities. For example, PVC ducting may provide a high degree of flexibility, whereas stainless steel is very strong and rigid. Many products have higher working temperatures, while others tolerate exposure to chemicals.

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To figure out what type of duct is needed in any given setting, you need to know what it is going through, what temperature it needs to be able to handle, whether it needs some resistance to chemical exposure, whether it is going to be used with negative or positive pressure, and what size it requires in terms of diameter and length. 

In most situations, the open ends of the ducting hose are held in place by means of a loop, a clamp, or a belt. Hose systems will cover anything from air movement inside the air conditioning system, pebbles, sand scraping, and other small debris and abrasives to the drainage of toxic fumes. In both of these applications – and a lot more – the hose itself has no negative or positive pressure capability. It is literally there as a conduit, providing a channel for the flow of material from A to B.
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Flexible ducting comes in a wide range of materials and sizes, providing a suitable hose for any use. Although it’s good to have so many choices, choosing a versatile hose made from the wrong material causes the hose to be damaged or even lost. Compared to other ducting materials, the rubber hose is the most flexible choice available, and, fortunately, it comes in a range of various elastomers and sizes to guarantee a match for any application. 

In comparison to other ducting materials, a rubber hose may be used to move a number of different substances. From liquids to dust, dirt, and even small materials like leaves and rocks, almost everything can be transported by flexible rubber ducting. You can see them widely used all over the world, from home ducting to vacuum cleaners, industrial machinery, and motor vehicles.

Rubber flex hoses made of thermoplastic are especially common for most applications due to their improved physical durability. The thermoplastic rubber hoses we have at San Antonio Belting & Pulley may also be used for outdoor applications, as the material is more resistant to ozone and UV rays than alternatives. Thermoplastic rubber can also withstand chemical contamination and high temperatures without losing its strength or durability. While other ducting materials show greater chemical and temperature resistance, no other material has the same wide range of physical resistances as the rubber hose. For versatility and outstanding strength across the board, flexible rubber ducting is as great as it could get.

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Ducting comes in a wide range of fabrics and sizes, providing a perfect hose for any use. Although it’s good to have so many options, choices can be daunting to the inexperienced heating duct. It is important to choose the right heater hose for your system; otherwise, you can end up with poor air quality, ventilation, or worse – a broken heater hose. Next time you shop for a  heating air duct, make sure that the model you want has these important points:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to choose a heater hose that can handle the temperatures in your application. There are many different types of heat-resistant hose that operate at different maximum temperatures. Neoprene-coated fiberglass is a cost-effective heating duct that can withstand temperatures up to 300 ° F, which is suitable for residential ducting systems. For industrial and commercial applications with higher temperatures, fiberglass heat hoses could be coated with aluminum or silicone.


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Versatile heat ducting is typically very resilient, no matter what material it is made of. The risk of tears and punctures in the material is high for both the transport and installation of the heat duct. Many heating ducts come fitted with wear strips to avoid such harm and to ensure the safe handling of the tubes. 

Regardless of whether you are building a cooling or heating duct, insulation is of great quality. The insulated heat duct has an extra layer to shield the airflow and temperature from leakage while retaining an effective degree of versatility. This is crucial for any heat ducting system in order to guarantee that temperature levels and air quality are up to par. 

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