Discover The Common Causes of Hydraulic Hoses Failure in San Antonio, TX

Hydraulic hoses are used in several areas. When they burst, those working near them are exposed to physical injuries. Again, low quality hydraulic hoses need repair and replacement once in a while and can cause you losses. San Antonio Belting & Pulley – Industrial & Hydraulic Hose Shop is the leading hose shop in San Antonio, TX. Since 1928, we have been dedicated to selling and distributing superior quality products to our customers. We also advise our clients so that they won’t make mistakes when using the hydraulic hoses. Below are some common causes of hydraulic hoses failure. More can be found here.

Extreme Temperatures

When hydraulic hoses are exposed to high temperatures, the components inside are damaged, and the outer covering cracks. Their flexibility is reduced, and the stiffness causes them to remain bent. You should avoid running them through high temperatures for them to work efficiently. Learn more about  Features of Our Top-Rated Hydraulic Hoses in San Antonio, TX.

Fluid Incompatibility

Various hydraulic hoses require different fluid. If an incompatible fluid is used on a specific hydraulic hose, it causes disintegration from the inside. When the inside components wear out, the outer covering cracks and cause leakage. You should ensure to buy hydraulic hoses from shops with experts who explain how the hydraulic hose you purchase works.

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