Eaton Industrial & Suction Hose

Eaton’s petroleum/oil suction and discharge hose applicable for all suction and discharge of petroleum products

The seasons are turning and that means it’s time to look toward the equipment that can handle the load. Eaton’s suction and discharge hose lines are available in both standard and premium options.

EHA500 is much more than that of an industry standard air hose. Each size that EHA500 has to offer has a working pressure capable of 600 PSI. As a wire reinforced hard working air hose, it is the best economical choice. It has a phenomenal burst pressure at a max of 2400 PSI with a 4:1 safety factor. It is a price fighter in the face of its premium Eaton counterpart, H6009 Bulldog Gold. Where other hoses are susceptible to delamination where air gets in-between the layers of cover and reinforcement, Bulldog Gold is resistant due to superior adhesion in the carcass where the reinforcement and hose cover are joined together. Bulldog Gold features a pin-pricked carboxylated nitrile cover, excellent for oil resistance and protection of the reinforcement better than other industry hoses.

Eaton’s standard water, suction and discharge hose, EHW150 is the economical choice for basic pumping, suction and discharge needs of water, mud, slurries and brine. It is also capable of conveying water in applications in which oil resistance is needed on the outer cover. The premium H0364 OTTER water, suction and discharge hose can transfer diluted agricultural fertilizers and conveying water as well as the standard pumping of suction/discharge of water, mud and slurries, and transfer and hauling of salt water brine. Its operating temperature parameters are from -40°F to +248°F, 27 degrees colder and 90 degrees hotter than the standard EHW150. OTTER is composed of both an EPDM cover and inner tube, creating a compatible tube for conveying mild chemicals and protects the hose from caustic and mild acidic surroundings.

EHP150 is Eaton’s petroleum/oil suction and discharge hose applicable for all suction and discharge of petroleum products. It can be used with petroleum products with aromatic content up to 50%. This is a great value product that keeps its integrity, both inside and out, making it a great option for bulk transfer of product or system return lines. It’s reinforced with high-tensile synthetic textile with a single steel helical wire and anti-static copper wire. The inner tube is comprised of an NBR RMA Class A blend. It can hold up in the most strenuous environments while transferring material into pressurized and non-pressurized holding tanks.

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