The RiverWalk is the Centerpiece of the Downtown Neighborhood

The San Antonio RiverWalk is an area of a network of pedestrian walkways and parks along the banks of the river, one mile below the downtown streets of San Antonio, Texas. It serves as a park district and serves as a popular gathering spot for residents and tourists. It also serves as a major tourist attraction. Visitors who visit the area can see the many beautiful buildings, attractions and shops that are located along its many paths. Visit this link for more information.

There are many attractions that tourists can see in and around San Antonio that is within walking distance from the RiverWalk. A number of businesses and tourist attractions are situated in the downtown area of San Antonio such as Riverwalk Village. This store features unique items that can be purchased by visitors such as t-shirts, jewelry, souvenirs and much more. Another popular tourist attraction located on the RiverWalk is the River Walk Museum which is a collection of exhibits that are all based on the history of San Antonio. A number of restaurants are also located within walking distance of the RiverWalk. One of the best restaurants in the area is the RiverWalk Grille, which features a full bar, live music and plenty of televisions to watch movies on. Read about What You Can Expect From The San Antonio Museum of Art here.

A number of San Antonio neighborhoods are also located close to the RiverWalk. These include historic districts like Alamo Heights and Cistern District. There are also some beautiful homes and other properties that are located near the RiverWalk. Most of the properties that are available for sale on the RiverWalk are located for renters and for sale by the owner. Some people may live in these homes on a temporary basis and they are then able to visit the RiverWalk when they are ready to move in and enjoy the area.

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